water, wood and fire

Updated: May 15, 2018

On the drive home from our first family over-night camping trip (mother’s day of all), my oldest said, “wow Dad, it feels like I’m living in a dream!” I just smiled feeling I knew exactly what she meant. I too was now living in a dream. Life had forever changed for me in the most amazing ways ever, I knew it, but I didn’t know how or in any capacity, why!? Sur-real met the real. Come to think of it, I still don’t totally know, but at least have an “I”-dea! I had never heard of Reiki at this point in my life but I hadn’t heard of a lot of things for that “matter” as my mind had been closed for far too long.

The day before at our camp site, I discovered that I had energy with the elements of water and fire that I had been using to “work” with my three children possibly for as long as they had been around (been a Dad for 9 years at this point). They understood it, but it felt like Dad just got let in on some sort of secret and now it was only Mom that didn’t get IT. To me, our children seemed protective of “our energetic way” of communicating and they were only trying to protect me. That may have to be another blog post in and of its own. I found if I channeled my energy of water towards one of my children, it produced a calming or quieting effect. If I felt they needed a spark or boost, I would channel some fire and send it their way using my intention. When I felt that warm feeling in my heart (heart chakra opening) it connected to one of my children and our family dog who has an extremely high vibrational frequency. I also learned how to “close down” my energy to calm the dog when she get’s over-excited (probably another blog post :).

A few days later at work, I desperately tried to tame my new-found excitement for LIFE and LOVE in the world of cubicles, computers, rules, beep-ins, beep-outs, numbers this, numbers THAT, the world I had existed for quite some time, about 18 and 1/2 years. I knew my days were numbered but had no idea how long or what I was going to do. “I don’t know, but it’s going to be something 180 degrees different than THIS!” I playfully exclaimed to my former manager at the time after discussing the “energy at the company.” I was about to do a 180 and didn’t even know. Every inter-action with co-workers became like the most important ever (which is funny as a company motto at one point was “every interaction, every d….” or something to that effect), and it went beyond work. It was about parent “problems,” children “problems,” work “problems,” health “problems,” and whatever else “problems.”  Why? Because I had water. Water? Wait, water? Yes, in its simplest explanation, water is love and love is life. People felt it, it drew them in and they wanted to be cleansed of those “problems.”  I loved IT. People weren’t used to seeing things in a different light. “Joe, I needed to hear that today,” said a section manager after expressing gratitude for a conversation we had months prior (thank you, THAT was an eye opener). Suffering was all around. Not suffering in the sense of being forced against their will or physically harmed, just with “stuff” life tends to bring. Whatever IT was I had, IT could flip switches ON in people. I’d 180 IT, you’d 180 IT and together WE would do a 360! Let’s spin “I”d say! (chakras :). I enjoyed the end of my career for that reason. However, it was not fair to the company or my family or my-self to stay there. Wait, what? Leaving a job, salary, benefits, pension is fair to your family? YES! (another blog post perhaps). When it’s right, it is.

Below is my corporate ID the last few months “on the job.” The picture was taken on a mental health day (my birthday) after I had been to a True Float session based on a recommendation from a dear friend. I had also just purchased these Love Glass Revolution Glasses at lunch at The Pomegranate Cafe. I was floating in my purple air hammock of all things on my patio afterwards when I received one of many revelations to come that I didn’t have to some-how sludge 12 more years of my life against my will. It came to me, I received messages and my exit plan was ON.

Only a few very close to me knew what I had experienced on that camping trip. Knowing some would “never get IT” had me in tears from time to time. How do you explain this to people? How do you explain it to your family? A few close family members told me I am a “fraud.” Gosh, you want to piss off some-one, throw the F word in there. As a former fraud investigator, that STUNG! Second to questioning my love for my family, Daddy Bear was pissed! My family IS my motivation, this IS for THEM. I had to set boundaries and basically tell those people to fuck off (sounds harsher than it is). I have places to go and things to do. If you can-NOT support me, please just move out of the way because I’m going. Speed-bumps always came to mind. I also learned what un-conditional love IS and IS NOT. We all deserved to be loved condition free and we can leave that right there (another blog post:). I love you the same (de-spite).

Often people ask how long I’ve been doing Reiki and how I got started. I “try” to tell my story as it’s all I know and I’m still learning how to tell it and understand IT. The energy or Reiki found me. I did not ask for this, but IT is some-thing I have to share. There is some soul contract I am living out and I don’t even know all of the details “I” signed off ON. I guess that is faith? I just call IT LOVE. Some may have thought I had experienced some sort of mental breakdown or was in need of a psychological examination but no I was still Joe, just a different “happier” version? You learn a lot about people when the ego they were so used to dealing with was no longer there for whatever pleasure they had found with it in the past. If that makes sense? For better and worse. It didn’t matter who, but it was discovered “I” could match watts with any-ONE! It doesn’t matter who YOU are, it matters what WE are. 

I messaged my wife a few days after the camping trip and identified our three children each with an element; water, wood and fire. “Totally!” my wife responded. There was far more to this message. I had heard of elements and how they relate to our make up as human beings but never studied it, never had really given a rats ass to be honest and still have not dove much into understanding further from what “I know.” I have three kids, they each are dominantly one of the three elements, I understand those elements, I understand their energy and I adjust accordingly to help “inter-act,” “manage” or in this case “parent” situations (try too!). As time would reveal, I learned I could use this energy with any-ONE at work, at a restaurant, okay…. any-where! 

In their (“they are”) simplest descriptions, water types are usually easy going, don’t like to rock the boat, easy to spot, kind presenting, compassionate, loving, caring….. you get the idea. Wood types are usually more firm, some-times can be a little difficult to work with, ”chippy” if you will? Be care-full, you may get a splinter! Some-times they can be soft and smooth, no worry regarding the splinters. You may find you have an “axe to grind” with these types! In short, you really don’t know what you are going to get day to day. Some call ’em moody, I call ’em “woody.” Third and perhaps the most important, FIRE. Be careful or you may get burned. These types are passionate, sensitive, bring some intense energy pretty much with every-thing that can be too strong for many. Always use care, right? Always bring water with the fire types. If you bring wood, you may get burned, use caution! Water types are most effective in calming fire types when the shit hits the fan. Wood has the capacity to set off fire the easiest, their relations can be volatile at times. Waters give in the easiest or more likely to feel “taken advantage of.”

Now, because some-one is wood and some-one is fire, it doesn’t mean they can’t co-exist. Some-times wood gets damp and needs a little heat to be a clean burning piece of fuel, shelter or whatever IT needs to be. Water can love the roots of that tree to assist as well. It just goes....

Most, if not all people, can present with either of these elements in any given situation. How I responded verses how I re-acted (certain re-actions with certain actions) was based on which-ever element was needed to balance and bring harmony to the situation. That element, “I” would “be” or use. Some thoughts that may aid in how apply the elements in your every-day life:

  • Some-times you have to be loving even when you don’t want to, always carry water, it’s good for you.

  • You can’t fight fire with fire.

  • Water can simmer, it can boil too. That too needs to be handled with care.

  • Wood is strong, wood can be weak.

  • Fire burns best with clean fuel.

  • Fire doesn’t like soggy wood.

  • Wood can rot, it too needs water and light.

  • Wood is shelter, it can protect you.

  • Wood is fuel it can keep you warm.

  • Wood grows slowly and it’s worth it.

  • Water can be polluted, it can be purified.

  • If you throw fire, don’t be surprised with the returned fire.


“Wood” you like to add any!?! Comment below!

Hopefully this makes some “sense”! Love to hear how this can work for YOU!  You have the power, try IT! If you have questions, please contact me or we can discuss at your next session. Like any-thing, the more you work with IT, the more it works with YOU!

PEACE! Love ALL-ways, Joe

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