† Joe's energy is positive and intoxicating!! Most importantly, his intuition and psychic gifts are extremely helpful in navigating the ebbs and flows of life. His innate gifts have helped me navigate thru situations emotionally, creatively, and spiritually. I am forever grateful for his friendship. I'm so glad he chose his journey of using his divine gifts to connect and help others. If Joe's Reiki sessions resonate with you, trust your heart and let him guide you. He is lighting a beautiful path for all and you don't want to miss out! (5 stars)

† My Reiki session with Joe was incredible! He oozes high vibes and fantastic heart centered energy. He’s passionate about what he does and it shows. I experienced some deep healing in my session. He’s a genuine and authentic vessel to deliver exactly what you need! Highly recommended! (5 stars)

† I have been doing regular Reiki sessions with Joe for about 8 months now. Reiki Joe has helped get (& keep) my energy levels up so I feel strong enough physically and mentally to fight my Crohn's disease. Joe's upbeat, positive, caring energy is contagious and I always feel better physically and emotionally after my sessions; physically I am calmer, spasms/cramping from Crohn's is less and mentally I am more focused. Reiki has been great for keeping me open, more relaxed and better able to handle to whatever life or Crohn's disease throws my way. 

Thank you Joe! (5 stars)

† My experience with Joe has been very positive. He is highly intuitive, and specific in his healing work and intent for each individual. He is very gifted, knowing how best to help each person learn and attain their higher purpose, to achieve their goals (both personally and spiritually), to have abundance, or to release negative energy patterns or move through difficult times. He is highly educated and trained in a variety of spiritual, energetic and holistic fields. (5 stars)

I give him my highest recommendation.

† Joe is amazing, he has completely helped to up my vibe since talking to him and I feel more positive and stronger then I have for a long time. Thank you Joe I'm so greatful for you Xxx (5 stars)

† Had a session for my daughter (whose food allergies show up through her eyes in the form of superstyes, redness and swelling) and we left with the least amount of redness I have seen since it started over a year ago. She felt very comfortable with the whole process. I can't wait to do me! (5 stars)

† Thanks for the distance Reiki Joe!!!! Absolutely amazing treatment and I am still feeling the positive afterglow. I truly appreciate your gift and I'm so happy and blessed that you shared it with me. Your energy and positive vibes sent me over the top. I could literally feel the negative energy leaving my body and being replaced with positive juju. Highly recommend Joe he is amazing!!! (5 stars)

† I don't always feel happy and confident, but I'm working on it. I have struggled for years with self esteem and keeping everyone, including family at times, at a distance. I met Joe over 20 yrs ago but probably haven't been in the same room with him in 18 years. I had seen a change in his posts on social media and was intrigued and reached out. Time and distance didn't matter- I felt an immediate connection and freedom to share private thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement. This is a process I know, but I'm much more aware and not hiding from what's holding me down. Thank you Joe. (5 stars)

† Wow! Just got through with a session with Joe. He is amazing. (5 stars)

† After suffering with sciatica and related right hip and knee pain and foot numbness for years, I am finally pain free and have feeling I my right foot. Thanks Joe (5 stars)

† I had a Reiki session with Joe. I didn't know exactly what to expect and I have to say that is was a very enlightening experience. I am a person who sees the glass half empty. I don't take care of myself like I should and suffer for it. Reiki showed me how positivity and focus can change my life and get me on the right path to a beautiful future. Thank you Joe (5 stars)

† I had a reiki session with Joe and it was my first time. I had an amazing experience. I was feeling sluggish, I was not feeling myself and was having hot flashes. After my session I felt revived I had a great workout that day at the gym and it continued the following days. I'm no longer getting the hot flashes and I'm no longer tired in the afternoon. He made me aware I need to take some time for myself and provided me with ideas of how to do this and gave me a couple of meditation sites to explore. I have taken his advice and I'm working on giving myself some time daily now. It's still the beginning and I have a lot to learn but Joe is very helpful and informative. Thank you Joe I will be sending some people your way. (5 stars)

† I had a reiki session with Joe that past Saturday. It was amazing. I felt better, had more clarity and understand more about how much positivity is necessary. Thank you Joe. (5 stars)

† Today I was so very fortunate to spend time with the very amazing Joe Tubolino and experience reiki for the first time. It was truly wonderful and afterward I felt calm, relaxed and renewed. This was especially beneficial as I've had a difficult few months and exposure to negative energy. Joe restored my good energy and I feel so much better and stronger. Call Joe asap. You'll be so glad you did! Thanks so much my friend!! (5 stars)

† Any of my Arizona people looking for some Reiki healing, here's a great place/person to check out! (5 stars)

† His energy is seriously infectious. He’s a great friend and mentor and has helped me reach a level of awareness and awakening I didn’t even know I had!